With population explosion unstable economic growth due to excessive consumer consumption and needs currently if we continue to live as we are, human activities will create unlivable conditions for the future generations to survive. Today we consider consumer comfort, user friendly products and packaging a necessity to attract consumers worldwide which is producing unmanageable waste, polluting our environment, land, water and air.
Our goal is to develop sustainable consumer communities developing local sustainable businesses and balancing economy globally. We see a huge opportunity in developing various commodity sectors including:
Sustainable Healthy Food & Agriculture
Bringing practices with zero waste food and agriculture programs to local and regional communities.
We understand special needs of individuals with more communities realizing the impacts of unhealthy conventional food choices that they have been making causing various health issues due to toxic additives, soil fertility and lower nutritional contents.
Our mission is to develop soul satisfying healthy food market bringing Healthy Alternative Food choices to main market like Gluten Free, Organic, Vegan, nature based wholesome ingredients
Sustainable Fashion, Textiles & Accessories
Clothing and apparel industry is one of the major industries providing for communities worldwide. At ColorEarthGreen we believe in nature based materials and recycling items.
Sustainable Beauty Brands

Our Focus Groups will work on promoting establishment of local infrastructure and green market development in the fields of:
Green Building Materials
Sustainable Transportation Design & Systems
Renewable Energy
Green Products
Sustainable Manufacturing Processes
Energy Water Home Management
Social Awareness Gaming
Behavior Sciences
Sustainable Organic Agriculture
Recycling Reusing Products
Non-Toxic Daily Household Items
Naturally Derived Products
Alternative Medicines
Textiles Clothing Other Goods

Environment Climate Change Studies

ColorEarthGreen Zero Waste Campaign

ColorEarthGreen Looking for partners to Support Art with Recycled Materials to promote Zero Waste connect on [email protected]

SUMMER 2016 We Successfully completed 21 Days Sustainable Living Challenge 

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We are kicking off Summer 2017 with making a life change, taking a break from our demanding needs of resources and encouraging habits that promote wellbeing of our planet earth.

We believe in collaborative communication and welcome your feedback and support currently on our challenge pages on Facebook and twitter.

We are in development stage so give us more time to bring you more information and content on our sustainable living challenge.

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