holiday-giftDebating Paperless this Holiday Season?

In the techno age we are learning to go sustainable and what options we take influences our planet. We are going paperless and more data is moving to cloud. From our utility payments, banking services to eBooks we are reducing paper usage. But storing everything online may also be an issue in the age of hacking and cyber attacks. We cannot afford to loose our information and identifications. Most of our personal data is online and every year there are new scams with our credit cards and personal data stored online. How much ever we would like to avoid we can never go 100% paperless in todays environment. There could be smarter applications to integrate items bill online to email you the receipts incase you may need to return any goods which is practiced by independent big stores but not every outlet service can afford tech investments.

To tell you the truth going all electronic is also not really sustainable. Manufacturing of your electronic gadgets involves more material usage and toxic waste at the end of life. So the best solution is to create a balance between all the systems to better develop goods which are a must. We have to prioritize the products which are a must need than the ones with should have or could have? It is agiling the product industry for creating products that you cannot do without.

Most of the times we see lobbying for particular technology created by financiers, political influencers and lobbyists who want to promote a technology. To keep economic growth stable we have to keep on creating jobs to feed the population which is created by growth of our business centers. At every bubble burst many businesses close and people loose jobs which impacts the whole country’s economic development. Even government bailout certain industries to avoid recessions and again take taxes to pay for the municipal workers as well as building city infrastructure.

The answer is building sustainable industries which produce non toxic goods. Creating more repair stores than swapping the electronics. I believe in technology advancements which is also important for education, medical and analyzing environment data. We could just try taking one step at a time by reducing our paper use this holiday season, reducing packages and unnecessary items. Just don’t go for that additional latest gadget you could do without or stop hoarding this Black Friday!

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