Introducing a Sustainable lifestyle Store promoting natural green products, local small business, organic cultivation, sustainable clothing, alternative medicine and techniques reducing waste produced by the conventional stores. There has been a requirement of natural products made of pure ingredients missing from our current stores which are mixed use providing very few choices for people to transition to a healthier sustainable lifestyle.

We would be one of a kind store focused on developing organic culture working together with our local farmers and green product manufacturers to provide healthier zero waste choices for our customers for making them adapt to a sustainable way of life reducing the container trash produced every year through recyclable choices. We are always seeking help from tech experts to help develop our hitech consumer friendly green stores. We will also feature our products through our community engagement platform. We provide product design services for growth of sustainable green markets. Connect with us to learn more on 

We are looking for food and retail industry experts to join us help develop sustainable local businesses!


We encourage local small business and other collaborators to work with us in development of sustainable brands clothing, food and other green products.

We are seeking information for local produce distributers, growers and manufacturers in retail and food industry.

ColorEarthGreen Introduction Brochure 092017