ColorEarthGreen was founded to develop various sustainability programs for environment research, development of green products and to provide education through a community engagement platform for sustainable living. Our platform will help reduce the global carbon footprint and promote conservation of earth’s natural environment and resources. Our mission is to develop processes to grow organic and green product market locally in United States of America and Globally.

Who We Are:

It all started from a blogpost created by Anuradha in 2010 to contribute and promote sustainable living reducing our carbon footprint. ColorEarthGreen Founder, Anuradha Munshi has experience in environmental education through various social change initiatives and is humbled to bring a “Sustainable Living Lifestyle” change for enabling the conservation efforts to manage sustainable growth of our planet!

Anuradha has 13 years of experience, previously serving in the building construction sector for six plus years. She has been an active environmentalist promoting sustainability initiatives since last seven years in United States of America. In 2012 she founded SunDraft Energy promoting green buildings and transit infrastructure development powered by renewable energy while participating as Western Region Semifinalist at Cleantech Open. Since last two years SunDraft was promoting solar powered pod cars with San Jose State University. ColorEarthGreen initially started as a blogpost to educate people about being sustainable using environment friendly best practices. After six plus years of being a research writer for energy environment related industry in 2017 Anuradha founded ColorEarthGreen her longtime vision to develop a sustainable community platform not only educating to advance towards a healthy zero waste community but develop healthy non toxic green products for food and retail industry.

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Why ColorEarthGreen:

ColorEarthGreen was founded to develop processes and products which help us live a sustainable lifestyle and reduce the negative impact created by human beings on earth’s environment. Our inspiration comes from the organic farmers who utilize natural techniques instead of fertilizers in their farms to bring the freshest and clean produce for keeping the consumers healthy and our environment toxin free. As our population is rising so are our needs and the unhealthy toxic waste. The waste we create includes hazardous waste, chemicals, medicines, electronics, plastics, industrial, radioactive, inert waste, food waste, sewage and municipal solid waste. The waste dumped everyday pollutes air, water and land degrading health of our environment. We are creating a lifestyle platform and store for our communities providing them better options to be more sustainable, recycling, reusing and reducing their footprint.

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