We are looking for help in developing our interactive gaming platform to help individuals to adapt to sustainable living
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Connect with me on to collaborate for a Sustainable Living Initiative in your community. We have a diverse audience to educate from reducing energy needs, managing water usage, recycling, sustainable organic farming, conserving wetlands to promoting growth of local businesses.

We are rebuilding our future to a better planet to cater the needs of our children.

Job Openings January 2017

Job title: CTO & Technical/ Product Dev Opportunities

About Us:

After 7 years actively involved with sustainability programs Anuradha Munshi is launching ColorEarthGreen a social platform for communities promoting sustainable living and green products.


We are looking for a technical leader who has working experience with early stage startups in software product development with proficiency in computer languages and tools. They have ample knowledge to develop a social platform, gaming apps, data sciences tools. They should have led development teams previously, willing to stretch their role in the strategic planning and growth of the company. This is an opportunity to work with an early stage startup working to bring change to create sustainable cities. They understand behavior science tools & analytics with emphasis on environment including energy and water management. In addition, experience working with government or city programs and maintaining a diverse cultural team is highly recommended.

Key Requirements: BS/MS Degree in Computer Science

Additional Qualification: MBA or MS in Environment Sustainability

Job location:‚Ä® Santa Clara, California

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